Akubra Banjo Patterson Felt Hat

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Akubra Banjo Patterson Felt Hat

Akubra Banjo Patterson Felt Hat

This hat is named after the popular Australian poet who wrote "The Man From Snowy River".  Features a Barramundi (Australian fish) leather band and Satin Lining. 

2 3/4" Brim

4 1/2" Crown

Crown - The crown is the upper part of the hat that rests on your head. It is sized to provide a comfortable snug fit, yet allows your head to breathe on hot days.

Brim - The brim extends out from the crown, keeping the rain and sun off your face and neck.

Fur Felt - An average of ten rabbit pelts (specially selected by Akubra), are required during a long and painstaking production involving as many as 200 individual operations. The result of using a fur felt is an incredibly light, resilient fabric, with a high strength-to-weight ratio. As well, the fur felt hat offers water-repellancy, a brim that harmful UVB and UVA rays can't penetrate and simple reshaping.

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