Quartz Co. Kimberly Black Down Coat

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Quartz Co. Kimberly Black Down Coat

Women's Quartz Nature Coat

Kimberly - Black

Here's a cozy and very popular jacket.  Kimberly has a classier look compared to the Katarina, because of the lines and the fact that down baffles are toward the inside of the coat.  What does that mean? When Quartz Nature is developing a down coat, they have to create a baffle with 2 layers of fabric that contains down and one loose fabric.  And then they have 2 choices either to have the down baffle toward the outside like the Katarina (and a loose lining on the inside) or; to bring those baffles on the inside of the coat that gives a straight shell on the outside.  With this shell they can work the design differently, pretty nice isn’t it?

Made in Canada - Quartz Nature's products are manufactured locally thus permitting the tight regulation of their production waste, the majority of which is recycled. This local production also translates to less transport before your coat arrives at your door. As a corporate citizen, Quartz Nature accepts the challenge to maximize the production of their products here in Canada.

-30 C Temperature Rating - The temperature suggested indicates that you will be comfortable during an activity that may be comparable to a moderate walk. This comfort zone is an indication of the range within which you may choose to wear you coat. Your comfort depends on environmental factors such as the ambient temperature, wind and humidity, but also on internal factors such as your level of physical fitness, energy, metabolism, diet and ethnic origin. So please use caution when interpreting the‘’Comfort Zone’’ and rest assured that Quartz is an expert in cold weather garments.

EXTERIOR SHELL GEL PRINT, 100% Nylon, textured, waterproof and breathable (5000mm, 5000g), down proof micro porous cellular membrane. INTERIOR LINING OTRON, 100% down proof polyester for maximum ‘’breathability’’ that is superior to that of nylon.

Isosoft (200g/m2) is a high quality performance synthetic insulator, which remains supple and lofty. Its unique blend of fibers allows excellent entrapment of warm air, thus protecting you from the environment. In addition to Isosofts durability we have added an additional layer of material to reduce friction and therefore further enhance its longevity. To hold everything in place each piece is quilted and over locked hence providing excellent structure wash after wash.

Washing Instructions

  • Remove all furs before washing by unsnapping each snap individually
  • Machine wash
  • Cold with liquid soap
  • Normal cycle
  • Tumble dry on medium heat for 4 to 5 intervals of 15 minutes each.

***Hint: You can also add a few tennis or dryer balls in order to break up the wet down and enhance the return of its lofting ability.***

  • Weight : 1,01Kg/2,23 lb (small)
  • Length from the base of the neck: 89cm/35’’ (small)
  • 2 Outside pockets
  • 1 Inside pocket
  • Adjustable, removable, insulated hood
  • Tone on tone embroidery
  • Tricot elastic cuffs
  • Slightly fitted
  • Pre-formed elbows
  • Front storm flap
  • Chin guard
  • YKK Canada Zippers™ and snaps


  2 XS XS S M L XL 2XL      
  4 YRS 6 YRS 8 YRS 10 YRS 12 YRS 14 YRS 16 YRS      
#2954 Kimberly #2954 Kimberly
neck circumference 21,5 22 22,5 23 23,5 24 24,5      
chest circumference 39,5 40,5 41,5 42,5 44 45,5 47,5      
waist circumference 36,5 37,5 38,5 39,5 41 42,5 44,5      
hips circumference 44 45 46 47 48,5 50 52      
center back length 35 35,5 36 36,5 37 37,5 38      
sleeve length 33 33,5 34 34,5 35 35,5 36      

Take your measurements in order to choose a parka that will fit you just right.Using a measuring tape, measure the indicated circumferences in front of a mirror to ensure the tape is level. Next, refer to the reference table. Please note that the numbers found in the table are theoretical in nature as they measure the outside of the coat.

  • For parkas that are insulated with a goose down fill, please allow an additional 5-6” to be comfortable and allow sufficient lofting of the duvet.
  • Those insulated with a polyester fill will require an additional 3-4”.

The charts are a fairly good guide, however nothing beats trying on the parka to see the fit and feel the warmth!WomenWhen measuring a women’s coat the hips provide a great guide line. For example, a women with a hip measurement of 41” would add 5-6” if the coat were of a duvet fill (41” + 6” = 47”) or would add 3-4” for polyester fill (41” + 4” = 45”).MensThe chest measurement is usually the best guideline for men. For example, a man with a chest measurement of 46” would add 5-6” if the coat were of a duvet fill (46” + 6” = 52” or medium) or would add 3-4” for polyester fill (46” + 4” = 50” small). Chest : At the greatest circumference, which is usually just below the armpits. Waist : is approximately 8’’ below the armpits or the smallest circumference.

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