Helle Knives

 The first factory did not have electrical power and had to
rely on rainwater to power the machinery. When the rain
fell Steinar and Sigmund had to work fast – up to 36 hours
at a time. Today’s Helle factory is situated in the village of
Holmedal in western Norway. An area surrounded by the
raw and rugged beauty of mountains and fjords.
An important milestone for the company was in the
1930’s when Steinar cycled 565 kilometres across the
mountains from the west coast to Oslo (the capital of
Norway) to sell his knives. He only cycled all the way back
again once he had sold every last knife. That was the only
way to get ahead during the depression.
The Helle factory is located in an area where the outdoor
lifestyle is ingrained into everyday life. Hiking, hunting,
fishing, skiing or a boat trip on the fjord are all part of
that lifestyle. This is why Helle can say that our products are
designed with inspiration from nature – that inspiration
comes from the way we live.
Today, automated production and vast batches are
common for knife manufacturers around the world. Helle
prefer to focus on quality, tradition and craftsmanship.
The production of a Helle knife can take up to 45 manual
steps. There are shortcuts to producing a knife, but there
is only one Helle way.
The factory of today is a great showcase – it might even
be mistaken for a living museum. And this is how they
intend to keep it.
Helle will always be focused on quality, tradition and
craftsmanship. Theywill not yield on that promise.
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