Women's Quartz Co. Anouk Saphire Coat

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Women's Quartz Co. Anouk Saphire Coat
Women's Quartz Nature Coat
"Anouk"  -  Saphire

Just like the first snow of winter, Anouk brings some thrill to our ‘’ethnic’’ collection that is well established with one of our best-sellers, the INUIT parka. This season we are offering you the ANOUK, which perfectly completes



Our products are designed & manufactured locally thus permitting to maintain & create jobs in a sector that suffered badly in the last decades due to a shift toward offshore production. As a corporate citizen we accept the challenge to maximize the production of our products here in Canada.


-25ºC -13ºF

The temperature suggested here indicates that you will be comfortable  during an activity that may be comparable to a moderate walk. This comfort zone is an indication of the range within which you may choose to wear you coat. Your comfort depends on environmental factors such as the ambient temperature, wind and humidity, but also on internal factors such as your level of physical fitness, energy, metabolism, diet and ethnic origin. So please use caution when interpreting our ‘’Comfort Zone’’ and rest assured that Quartz is and expert in cold weather garments.


EXTERIOR SHELL HERRINGBONE, 100% Polyester, Waterproof/breathable (5000mm/5000gr), microporous cellular membrane. INTERIOR LINING OTRON, 100% polyester for maximum "breathability" that is superior to that of nylon.


Isosoft (250g/m2) is a high quality performance synthetic insulator, which remains supple and lofty. Its unique blend of fibers allows excellent entrapment of warm air, thus protecting you from the environment. In addition to Isosofts durability we have added an additional layer of material to reduce friction and therefore further enhance its longevity. To hold everything in place each piece is quilted and over locked hence providing excellent structure wash after wash.

  • Remove all furs before washing by unsnapping each snap individually
  • Machine wash
  • Cold with liquid soap
  • Normal cycle
  • Hang to dry

***Please note, when the coat is dry it may be placed for a few minutes in the dryer with either dryer balls or tennis balls to help restore its lofting ability.***


The Anouk is seen here with coyote fur at hood & pom-poms. Please note that this style is only & always offered with coyote fur, these fur may be removed at your discretion.




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